Simply put, a Central Vacuum System is not just another vacuum from a box store that you will want to replace in a few years.   Purchasing a Central Vacuum System is making an investment in your home and family’s health that will last a lifetime.  Nothing beats the convenience of a Central Vacuum System. Our systems are individually designed based on the size and layout of your home.  They come with personalized accessories making cleaning easier than ever. No matter how a portable vacuum may claim to have the best filtration and it cannot be compare to the 100% filtration you get with a central vacuum system.  Central Vacuum Systems are vented out of the home so whatever the bag does not catch, id exhausted out of the home through piping. Our systems are also more efficient because they do not stir up dust in the room, they pick it up because the air is being exhausted outdoors.  The dust and dander are gone not just relocated to settle again later.
Our Central Vacuum Systems are not the central vacs from yesterday with low suction and a hose to drag around the house from one outlet to another.  We utilize the state of the art technology like Hide-a-Hose and Doc-it making it easier than ever to vacuum.  These cleaning innovations are so easy because you only need one or two ports per floor and the hose retracts back into the wall like magic.  No clumsy vacuum or hose to store in a closet.  We only utilize the best motor units like Vacumaid and Canavac, these units give you the best air filtration and suction possible and decades of lasting power.   For years, the experts at Albany Central Vacuums have been providing customers throughout the capital region with superior instillation and repair services on their central vacuum systems.